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Our organisation has various modules of business under single roof,  we serve our clients and customers by offering fallowing products and services :

Products: under this module we have (ready to use) manufactured chemical products for end users, we manufacture mainly fallowing catagories of products:

a) Hygiene and Home Care Products:

i,e Packaged  Disinfectant floor cleaners,toilet and bathroom cleaners, perfumes,deodorizers,cleaners,and cleaning detergent chemicals.

b) Automobile and Car Care Products:

i,e Car interior cleaners, Car exterior cleaners,car and bike surface shiners and  polishes, , car dash board cream polish & coolants

c) Construction Chemicals and Construction Admixtures:

i,e Tile Grouts and tile adhesives,waterproofing coatings, integral waterproofing powders and liquids,concrete admixtures and superplasticizers

d) Detergent Powders and Cakes

i,e Detergent powders, dish washing detergent bowls and detergent cakes for cloth and dish washing 

 e) Polishes Coating and Paints
        i,e Floor polishes ,Wood coatings,wood polishes,wood primer, steel primer,cement primer and emulsion paints are  made exclusively for clients

  f) Medical and Surgical Industry Products

        i,e surgical disinfectants,hospital industry products,medical industry Gels like USG gel/ECG Gel/Laser Gel are made exclusively for clients


    Under this category we manufacture ready-to-dilute , heavy concentrated chemical compounds, from which one can  make ready to pack end products,

under this category we manufacture fallowing product:

1. Doctrz Toilet cleaner Concentrate compound

2. Doctrz Glass cleaner Concentrate compound

3. Doctrz Floor cleaner concentrate compound

4. Doctrz Kitchen cleaner concentrate compound

5. Doctrz Dish wash liquid concentrate compound

6. Doctrz  Hand wash liquid Concentrate compound(silky type)

7. Doctrz hand wash making concentrate compound(antiseptic type)

8. Doctrz Black Phenyle making concentrate Compound(1:12)

9. Doctrz white Phenyle making concentrate compound(1:40)

10. Doctrz Drain cleaner making concentrate compound(1:5)

11. Doctrz Multipurpose cleaner making concentrate compound(1:20)

12. Doctrz pine disinfectant making concentrate compound (1:12)

13. Doctrz Liquid detergent making concentrate compound (1:10)

14. Doctrz stain remover making concentrate compound(1:10)

15. Doctrz liquid bleach making concentrate compound(1:10)

16. Doctrz rust remover making concentrate compound(1:10)

17. Doctrz Furniture polish making concentrate compound(1:10)

18. Doctrz car wash shampoo  making concentrate compound(1:10)

19. Doctrz car and bike Milky spray polish making concentrate compound(1:10)

20. Doctrz Fabric softener making concentrate compound (1:10)

We offer distributorship rights for our various catagories of products separately,district wise in india ,  distributorship agencies are provided by us for

hygiene and household products, automobile detailing /auto polishes and auto industry chemicals,construction chemicals and Detergent powder

products separately under terms of business,



Chemical Concentrates,Product Making Chemicals

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